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I’m Provash, a tech enthusiast and a full stack engineer working as senior engineer at Klarna. Currently, I’m into blockchain, microservices/serverless architectures and JAMStack. I started my career as a freelance web developer while I was in Bangladesh and over the years I’ve relocated myself to Germany where tech industry is quite vibrant.

I also enjoy teaching and currently working on my first online course. I am a minimalist, into country, folk and low-fidelity music and one of Matt D’Avella’s self-development nerd (not a productivity junky though!).

Welcome to my blog, here you can read about the recent stuffs I’ve been doing. You can also get in touch with me in the following platforms:

Recent Articles

How to avoid circular dependency in your Vite applications for proper HMR

Vite is an amazing tool for modern frontend development with its fast server boot and great HMR support. This arcticle describes some scaleable ways to remove circular dependencies to avoid any unexpected HMR behaviours in your vite projects.

Using typescript conditional types with react to better handle conflicting props

Utilize the conditional typing benefits from TypeScript in React to better type-gurad our component. Specially useful with conflicting props and props that are dependent on each other.